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About Mekis

When he was young he played music in a rock and metal bands in his city. In 2012, his debut as Mekis. He loves Jamaica and its music. Every year he goes to Jamaica to discover the Caribbean music and mixes the bass and Jamaican vibration with electronic music made in EU. Founder of three musical crew, he shared the stage with important alternative artists from Italy and around the world.

Mekis DJ SET


This DJ set combines the best of electronic music with Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Drum And Bass. An explosive DJ set with bass vibrations, massive kick drum and synth melodies and electric guitars. Massive!

Road To Zion


Road To Zion is an Electro Dub music project created by Mekis and Roberto Cola aka Colazion. They mix Jamaican music with the rhythms of rock and Electro beat. Their first album is available here

Electro vs Rock - Mekis and Joao


This crew was born, long time ago with so many beers in our heads! Joao and Mekis, two friends. Two DJs in the same city. The union of the power of rock and rhythm of electronic music. Now this format warms up Lio Bars dancefloor on friday night: one of the most important music clubs in da city.

Jungle Massive


Jungle Massive is an event where you can listen and dance best Drum And Bass selecta by 4 djs. Bass Music and great vibes. Right now, You can find Jungle Massive at Latte+, one of the most important music hall in the north of Italy.