Drop 39

You can download Drop 39 in many music webstore like
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Link in coming

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mekis video drop 39
Drop 39 video directed by Rosamaria Montalbano and Producted by Rami Factory.
Special thanks: Andrea "Foa" Battista Fogliata, Ilaria di Maggio, Giorgio Rosa

Unnu Can Wid Mi

This is the first Mekis song out at July 1, 2013.
Unnu Can Wid Mi voice is Colazion aka Roberto Cola. First step! You can download it at:

itunes | google play | spotify | amazon |

Watch video! Click the image

mekis video unnu can wid mi
Unnu Can Wid Mi video directed by Mekis, Matteo Migliorati and Stefano Vigorelli.
Special thanks: Clubhouse, Gianmarco Serena, ESN Party, LABA and IlaDMG


Mekis Biography

Real Name: Massimo
Main Job: Web Designer, Sound Designer
Mekis Debut at: Febraury, 2012
Favourite djset: Electro, Dub, Reggae, Rock, Alternative

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