Mekis is an italian Music Producer, Sound Designer and DJ. He started as a singer in some local bands in 2010, after that he studied Sound Production with many cool producer. He becomes Mekis, after playing his records in many small events in his city. He became interested in electronic music thanks to the first rudimentary musical instruments such as synthesizers old, outdated software, a drum recovered in a basement of a theater. In a few years, he played his music before and after shows such as: Mad Professor, Zion Train, Jah9, Calide, Mellow Mood, Mungo's Hi Fi, Colle Der Fomento, Egreen, Lucci, Marta sui Tubi, Meganoidi, Shandon, Vallanzaska, Micky Ramone, Piotta, Colle Der Fomento, Africa Unite, Madaski, Nine Below Zero, Bugo, The Fast Animals and Slow Kids and many others.
He founded Road to Zion: original Dub Music project with Electro Dub and Roots Culture influences. First album called Road to Zion. It contains 12 tracks written between Italy and Jamaica, yearly destination for musical pilgrimage. Two videoclips and excellent reviews from newspapers and radio. Some cool things? Some tracks were broadcast live on radio in Paris. Other songs were included into important websites like dub.com or choose by some US DJ for their mixtape. In 2016 Road to Zion published "The Monkey Temple" with some cool international featuring like Fitta Warri: massive jamaican MC (Zion Train). With this album, the band will go on the best stages of the northern Italian festivals, working with major labels and booking. In the same year, Mekis with Winston Cobe founded Cockroach International Production, an underground Music Label and Sound Design Factory located in Brescia. With this project, he works for many brands and music projects with passion and madness. In Septmber 2016, he founded a new live Dub Radio Show for Radio Onda D'Urto called Zion Street, where every Sunday he broadcast good vibes with vinyl and guests.


Cockroach International Production

Music Label, Sound Design Factory and Booking.

Road to Zion

Original Dub Music Project
founded in 2014.

Zion Street Radio Onda d'Urto

Dub Radio Show
for Radio Onda d'Urto


Live Show / DJSET
with DasBoot

Electro vs Rock

Best tunes in one night
with Joao

Fronte Unico

Rap Militant project feat Zorba MC

Road to Zion
Becoming Insane

Becoming Insane is new album made by Road to Zion crew, published in October, 2017. CD Version - 450 gr version. 14 tracks original Dubwise and Electro addict.

Mixing and Mastering by: Mekis for Cockroach Int. Production
Songwriting by: Mekis & Winston Cobe
Graphic by Cinzia Ravanello

Road to Zion
Dub Against Blackjack

Dub Against Blackjack it's a new release by Road to Zion. Digital download or vinyl edition (limited 300 copies) 180gr. 45 rpm. 4 versions with a videoclip by Charlie Vision (animation by Calabax The Fox).

Mixing and Mastering by: Mekis for Cockroach Int. Production
Songwriting by: Mekis & Winston Cobe
Illustration by Charlie Vision
Graphic by Cinzia Ravanello.

Road to Zion
The Monkey Temple

"New Dub Music album by electro dub band Road to Zion. The Monkey Temple is like a trip into the void, with many atmosphere and with cool featuring with Fitta Warri (from Zion Train)." You can download digital version or order your CD-Rom version.

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Special Project

Sound Design | Digital Art

Best Sound Design Act 2016 for Digital Design Awards